Welcome to DA Fitness, I’m Debbie Atkins a qualified Personal Trainer and Nordic Walking Instructor. My qualifications are:

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Exercise Referral for Controlled Special Conditions
Qualified Nordic Walking Instructor
Qualified First Aider
Fully Insured

I initially set up DA Fitness in 2009 to help people achieve their fitness goals. Most of my work is outside, I am not a gym person. My “outside office” is fantastic with stunning scenery which is always changing because of the seasons. There has been the occasional day when I do have to move DA Fitness inside as the weather is just too wet or it is too icy so unsafe underfoot. The nutrition and wellbeing part of my business escalated in importance as I started in 2010 my own training for the 125mile nonstop Devizes to Westminster Canoe race. My wellbeing was crucial as I had to nutritionally support my body as I was training 3-4 times a week in a canoe as well as growing my fitness business. As a lot of my fitness business requires me to take part in the exercise (Nordic Walking) I could not just stand around and instruct clients! My knowledge of how the body works increased tenfold especially in relation to the absorption of what is eaten and drunk, timing of eating and the importance of sleep.

I may not formally train my husband and two sporty sons but DA Fitness does involve the whole family. My husband is a big fan of Nordic Walking and even joins me on group walks when his work permits. Both children know how to Nordic walk, understand the importance of stretching and good posture and how to exercise safely. My family do eat and drink good quality food but they can also relate how well they eat and drink to how they perform on the sports field, in the swimming pool or marathon canoe racing. Sometimes I do get “do we have to eat so many vegetables?” , the answer is always “yes”!

I get an enormous amount of job satisfaction from being able to see my clients achieving their goals, their confidence increases as they realise they can achieve and they are doing this in a caring and supportive environment.

If you feel that I could help you please get in touch for a chat.
07834 861 827